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PowerPivot Gallery Snapshots not Generating


When new Excel files are added or updated in a PowerPivot Gallery library in SharePoint 2013, a process called GallerySnapshot.exe is supposed to kick off and generate some pretty thumbnail images for the Silverlight gallery view of the library.  I ran into a scenario where the process was not running and no thumbnails were generating.  No hourglass was showing (should happen while process is running.)  No red X was showing (happens when errors during the process occur.)

This is an example of what I was seeing:


This is what it should look like when the process is running (not happening in my environment):


The full path to the executable is: “C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\BIN\GallerySnapshot.exe”



I determine the GallerySnapshot.exe process was not even being called by:

  1. Add a sample excel file
  2. Start up ProcMon and set a filter on the process name contain ‘GallerySnapshot’
  3. Modify the properties of the Excel file (this should trigger the process)

In my case, the GallerySnapshot process was not even being called.


Turns out to be a pretty easy fix.  All you need to do is deactivate the site collection feature called “PowerPivot Feature Integration for Site Collections”.  Once the feature is deactivated, re-activate it.  Then update the Excel workbook and you should see the process start to kick off.  Thumbnails should show up in a minute or two.




Error Processing the PowerPivot Management Dashboard


There is a timer job called “PowerPivot Management Dashboard Processing Timer Job” that, by default, runs daily.  This process relies on the secure store service to authenticate to the data source.  If the permissions on the SSS target application are not correct, you will receive an “Access is denied to the secure store service” error when this timer job runs.



Check the SSS ID for the Refresh Account

$ppv = Get-PowerPivotServiceApplication

$ppv | fl *Account*

Next, open the SSS and edit the Target Application that corresponds to the one that the PowerPivot service application is using.


On the third page of the edit wizard, ensure that the farm account and the service application account for PowerPivot are in the Members list:


Lastly, Re-Run the Dashboard Processing Timer Job by clicking Run Now on the timer job definition page, or you can run script below.

Get-SPTimerJob “PowerPivot Dashboard Processing Timer Job” | Start-SPTimerJob



You should now see that the cube has been processed on the PowerPivot management dashboard!