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Error Creating PerformancePoint datasource


The following error occurs when you attempt to create a new data source using Dashboard Designer 2010:

You do not have sufficient permissions to complete the request

This occurs in the following scenario:

  • Site Collection A contains the following webs:
    • Web1 – root site in site collection
    • Web2 – subweb to Web1 (Business Intelligence Center)
  • You have delegated design permissions to the BI authors in the BI site (Web2). These users do not have permissions on Web1
  • The BI author launches Dashboard Designer from the BI site and attempts to create a data source:


  • When the BI author selects the data source template, the permissions error is displayed.



In the process of creating the data source, Dashboard Designer requires that the user has at least the following permissions in the root web of the site collection:


In my scenario, the BI authors did not need access to the content on the root site, so I simply created a custom permission level on the root with the following permissions:

  • Use Remote Interfaces
  • Use Client Integration Features
  • Open


Once the BI author has these priviledges on the root web, they are able to create PerformancePoint data sources in the BI subweb.