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Error Creating Folder in “Report Document Library” in SharePoint 2013


I came across this issue while running SQL Server Reporting Services 2014 (SSRS) in SharePoint integrated mode in SharePoint 2013. As part of the SSRS integrated mode installation, you get a feature that enables a library template called “Report Document Library”. If you use this template, you are unable to create folders using the web interface. Using the “New Folder” option in the web interface results in the following error:

The aspx_debug attribute on the page directive is not allowed in this page.


The “Report Document Library” feature has been deprecated and should not be used. This library template comes from these feature files:

\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\ReportsAndDataListTemplates\ReportDocumentLibrary

The SharePoint group removed this from the product in SharePoint 2013, but it gets added back in when you install SSRS integrated mode.

So, when creating libraries, stay away from both of these:

This recommendation is confirmed through Microsoft support.


Use the standard “Document Library” template to create your libraries for SSRS reports. Once you have the document library, simply add the needed SSRS content types to the library to enable all of the same functionality.

  1. Browse to the library settings page
  2. Click on Advanced Settings. Then enable Allow management of content types
  3. Back to the library settings page, then add the SSRS content types as needed

  1. The SSRS content types are in the group called “SQL Server Reporting Services Content Types”

If you already have report document libraries setup, the best way (without a 3rd party migration tool) to move these into a regular document library is to:

  1. Rename the path of the existing library using SharePoint Designer 2013 (e.g. LibraryName_OLD)
  2. Create the new library using the “Document Library” template using the original name so that user’s links don’t break, then enable the SSRS content types as shown above
  3. Move the existing content into the new library using the Content and Structure feature (Gear -> Site Settings -> Content and Structure).  NOTE: If you do this, you will need to reconfigure any shared data connections settings on the reports!!

Alternatively, if you have a library already setup and you can’t migrate to a standard document library, you can create new folders using Windows Explorer:

  1. Browse to the library
  2. On the library tab, click Open with Explorer
  3. Create folder as needed in Windows Explorer