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Forcing SCOM Group Population

When debugging and testing custom groups in SCOM 2012 R2, it is helpful to be able to force the management server to run group population. You can sit around and wait, or you can simply restart 2 services:

  1. System Center Management Configuration
  2. Microsoft Monitoring Agent

Open up event viewer, and within a couple minutes, you will see events in the “Operations Manager” event log that indicate that group population has occurred. You can filter on event ID 31410. The name of the group will be in the event description:

To make this easier, I put the following cmd file on the desktop of my DEVELOPMENT management server:

@echo off

echo Restarting System Center Management Configuration…

net stop cshost

net start cshost

echo Restarting HealthService…

net stop HealthService

net start HealthService

echo done!

Code is available to download here