SharePoint Workspace Error – The parameter is incorrect

On about half of the PCs in our environment, I came across an issue that was preventing users from initializing a site sync from SharePoint to SharePoint Workspace 2010.  The user would click ‘Sync to SharePoint Workspace’ from within SharePoint, SPW would launch, but as soon as they click the ‘Configure’ button, they would get the following error:

The parameter is incorrect.
HRESULT: 0x80070057 (0x386d7565)
Process: Groove.exe (ID: 8104 (0x00001fa8))
Date: <date>


For the impacted users, it wouldn’t matter which site they tried to sync, it would be same result.  I could have the user try to sync from my PC and it would work fine.


SharePoint Workspace relies on a certain registry value in order to determine which time zone the user’s PC is in:


On the PCs that experienced this issue, the above value was an empty string.  It is supposed to be set to the display name of the selected time zone in the control panel.  In order to resolve this, all we had to do was switch the current time zone to something else, then switch it back to the correct time zone.  That populates the registry value and then SPW is happy.




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