Resolving “UnknownError” when submitting to a Records Center


When submitting a document set to a records center, you may see the following error messages:

SharePoint Designer Workflow History:


A very helpful “UnknownError”

SharePoint ULS Logs

01/25/2012 07:47:33.55        w3wp.exe (0x291C)        0x2ADC        SharePoint Foundation        General        7022        Critical        The http://webapp/sites/sitecollection/subsite/_vti_bin/OfficialFile.asmx site could not be found or accessed.        a1bfec00-a6f6-4e03-bbd9-687c94fa0e49

NOTE: Be sure to test that the URL noted above is correct.  You should be able to browse to it and get the response from the web service. 

NOTE 2: It would have been really nice if the logs were a bit more descriptive to indicate what the actual problem was.

Web Error


You might see this if you are using a Send To connection that is configured in Central Administration.


Records submission through the web service is dependent on the SharePoint group called “Records Center Web Service Submitters for <SiteName>”.  This SharePoint group is created automatically when the records center site is configured.  If this group is deleted, records submission will fail with the above error messages.  Simply creating a new group with the right name does not resolve the issue.


Luckily, there is a very easy fix. This process will re-create the needed group and bind it to the records center submission process.

  1. Browse to the site features page: Site Actions –> Site Settings –>Manage site features
  2. Deactivate the Content Organizer site-level feature image
  3. Confirm by clicking the Deactivate this feature hyperlink
  4. Reactivate the Content Organizer site-level feature
  5. Check that the “Records Center Web Service Submitters for <Site>” SharePoint group was created

6 thoughts on “Resolving “UnknownError” when submitting to a Records Center

  1. Manrike


    Thank you for this tip. But I’m trying this, and the group does not re-create.

    Do you have any idea about this?

    Thank you a lot.

    1. danmyhre Post author

      Hi Manrike –

      I haven’t seen this happen before, but I would start by turning up the logging (ULS logs) level and check for any issues are being logged there. Let me know what you find.

  2. Matthew Lamb

    Thank you very much. I wish this posting had come up higher on the search rankings. Due to the records centre having been created and deleted previously, it appeared that the group was present. Following these steps made a new copy of it with (1) appended to the name, and it’s obviously hooked up correctly behind the scenes as ‘send-to’ is now working.

  3. Navin

    I have done deactivate and activate the content organizer feature, I have republished the workflow but still getting the same error.
    Please suggest



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